The Redemptive Frame helps define and explore the possibilities for redemptive action in any domain.

The Redemptive Frame describes any organizational endeavor: a startup business or nonprofit, a mature enterprise, even a large project or campaign. We use the broad term “venture” to include all these forms.

And it addresses the comprehensive value systems governing how ventures approach the world:



The people and ventures following the Exploitative way do whatever it takes to win. They pursue every opportunity to take advantage, to extract value at others’ expense, to tilt and optimize all things in their favor, to leverage the letter of the law, to suppress or amplify truth to gain an edge.

Its doctrine is “Win at Any Cost.”





The people and ventures following the Ethical way reject the Exploitative, and instead seek to do good through their work. They want to address problems, do no harm, operate fairly, create sustainable value, be morally enlightened, raise the bar, win clean, and improve the world.

Its doctrine is “Doing Good and Doing Well.”






The people and ventures following the Redemptiveway also seek to do good through their work. Yet they push beyond the Ethical, even inverting it in places—seeing the world as broken and in need of God’s ultimate renewal; recognizing all persons as God’s image-bearers, worthy of blessing; and knowing themselves as fallen and in need of grace.

Its doctrine is “Creative Restoration Through Sacrifice.”

Redemptive Strategic Vision


A redemptive Strategic Vision aims not to leverage or exploit cultural trends for gain, or even merely to advance culture in the general direction of progress. Instead, it is designing and leading the venture as a culture-making force to join God in the renewal of all things.

Redemptive Operating Model


A redemptive Operating Model is one that refuses to use people in its culture, processes, and systems; and it goes further than merely respecting team members and partners. Instead, it seeks to bless people within and beyond the venture.

Redemptive Leadership Intent


A redemptive Leadership Intent is marked not by its leaders’ ambition to live for self, or even just to improve themselves. Instead, it fuses ambition, talent, and discipline with wisdom, spiritual maturity, and the willingness to die to self.


A redemptive venture is redemptive in all three dimensions.


The Exploitativeventure originates from a leadership team that lives for self. They will likely lead the venture to leverage culture for their benefit, and to use people as resources to expend on the mission.

The Ethicalventure originates from a leadership team seeking to improve themselves. They will likely lead the venture to advance culture for the better, and to respect people in and around the venture.

The Redemptiveventure originates from a leadership team seeking to die to self. They will likely lead the venture to renew culture as God is renewing all things, and to bless people through the venture.

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